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I'm Hong Jie. 

Founder of New Gen Home

About Me

About Me

My Story

The real estate market is ever-evolving, your needs should too. Buying or selling a home is a complex and deeply personal endeavour. You need someone who takes time to understand your needs and concerns. Which is why you deserve the service and attention that goes beyond transactions.

My Journey

Why I chose a career in real estate

As a graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) from Singapore Management University, I did not tread the regular path of a local new graduate. Instead, I boldly stepped into the real estate industry.

How It Began

My First Experiential Learning

During my tenure at Singapore Management University, I had the privilege to participate in an overseas community service project in the Philippines as a project leader. Our team’s objective was to provide solar-powered light made from recyclable materials to impoverished communities.

Beyond Just A Shelter

Why I chose a career in real estate

During my time in the Philippines, I witnessed the basic needs of the poverty-stricken communities not being met. The combination of poor logistics infrastructures and the occurrence of natural disasters has made meeting those needs a challenge.

My Motivations

My journey

Having a roof over your head is the most visible manifestation of the dignity of a human being. It is during my experience in the Philippines, it made me realized the importance of homeownership and how I have taken having a roof over my head for granted. It is during then, it got me thinking about a career in real estate.

Building Trust

Going Beyond Transactions

I value every relationship built with my clients by reciprocating the trust they have in me by doing my best. It is important that as a realtor myself, I recognize that every client’s needs are beyond sales proceeds.

Moving People Not Transactions

Going Beyond Transactions

As a realtor, I need to understand the decision to sell one’s home can be during a traumatic time of upheaval and change. The bonds and friendships formed within the enclosed space are beyond not just real estate, it is a place they used to call home. Every decision to sell or buy can be heavy with emotional baggage.

My Acomplishments

Going Beyond Transactions

During my first year in my career in real estate, I managed to clinch a TOP 10% Achievers and 2nd runner-up for Top Rookie in the year 2019. I attribute my accomplishments to my ability to understand my clients’ needs beyond just transactions. I attribute it to my ability to appreciate my clients’ needs beyond a typical sale and purchase procedure.

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