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Did you know?

Before PropertyGuru became the preferred portal for property search, properties were typically marketed in Classifieds section of newspapers. As the internet becomes more pervasive in our everyday lives, users’ attention are heavily fragmented. There is a need to make property listing stand out more than ever.

Consultant vs agent?

Home buying process is becoming more streamlined, home buyers are not looking for just a “transaction-based” agent, they are looking for consultant-like agents who can provide them with insights and make their home buying journey less ambiguous and a profitable one in years to come.

“Real” estate insights? 

It is important to have an updated methodology to property investing in Singapore in year 2022 in order to stay ahead of the competition and to make the most informed investment decisions possible. The Singapore property market is constantly changing and evolving, and it is important to have a strategy that is adaptable and can keep up with the latest trends.

Delivering Your
Real Estate Needs

Hi, I'm hong jie

As a real estate professional, I understand that many home owners and buyers have different financial objectives and it is my goal to help each and everyone create their own asset progression path so that they can give their loved ones a financially secure future by making the right property decision.​


A trustworthy review is worth its weight in gold and that's why all our reviews are unfiltered and are written by previous clients with matching transactions

Service Provided


  • Market trends analysis
  • Needs analysis
  • Market pricing report
  • Property Valuation
  • Sales Proceeds Calculation
  • Conveyancing guide
  • CPF usage and regulation
  • Sale and purchase timeline
  • Home staging
  • Professional photography
  • Social media marketing
  • Weekly marketing report


  • Financial analysis
  • Current portfolio analysis
  • Affordability planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Mortgage sustainability
  • Comparative analysis
  • Home stay requirement
  • Needs analysis
  • Proposed portfolio plan
  • Stack selection analysis
  • Suitable price entry
  • Buying suitability


  • Rental yield analysis
  • Breakeven timeline
  • En-bloc trends
  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Interest rates outlook
  • Stack premium analysis
  • Buyer vs seller market
  • URA Master plan outlook
  • "Rentability" outlook
  • Suitable exit price

Marketing platforms

leveraging on Technology
sell your property only faster

10 times the marketing effort without additional cost to you

Through LinkUp, sellers can engage the marketing efforts of up to 10 agents to market your property. From district focused agents to social media experts, you can rest assured knowing your property listing can leverage on the network effect of 10 agents to expedite your sales process.

Comparative Market Analysis at your fingertips

Takes the ambiguity out of your trusted realtor marketing effort. Clients can receive updates on marketing activities and intelligently suggests revisions to make listings more competitively priced, saving you hours of time and energy!

Notification overload eliminated

In-App Messaging facilitates seamless dissemination of information for coordination of viewing timing. Seller can eliminate the hassle of coordinating with 10 different realtors by just communicating with 1 trusted realtor. Sellers can now enjoy the benefit of maximizing your property exposure without the coordination challenges associated with open listing.